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The recent accomplishment I can point to is growing

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The bottom line is that I wish I would’ve started earlier. Each of these tools compounds your income as time goes on, so the earlier you start, the better your financial life gets.

But no matter which stage you’re at in life, it’s never too late to start. Index funds aren’t going away. You’ll always be able to find companies that need your freelance services. And the world is always looking for people with interesting things to say. Whether you’re 30, 40, or 80, there’s still time to reap the benefits.

You know how the rent is too damn high? Well it wouldn’t be, if you cut the damn rent in half. At least five times a day, usually when I snag my yoga pants on the raised floorboard nail or cook on the one functioning burner or race down four flights of stairs at every buzzer so the neighbourhood thief doesn’t get to my Amazon package before I can, I’m reminded of just how much

bullshit I wouldn’t have to put up with if my rent was £1500 instead of £3000. Who am I kidding, Josh and I (let’s call him Josh) would never have to pay that much rent and we’d still have closets like Mariah Carey’s. But I digress.

Growing a personal brand is a slow, painstaking process, and it may take months or even years before you get anywhere. But gradually, your presence will begin to compound. And when you hit 10,000 followers and start making six figures, you’ll realize that all the work was well worth it.

Partnered women aren’t dealing with any of that, but it’s the financial benefit of living with someone you also share a bedroom with that, to me at least, feels the most genuinely infuriating. Partnered women get company, physical affection, the occasional cup of coffee made for them, and on top of all that they get to split bills?! Bitch.

The struggles of being single are legion, we know this. Partnered women aren’t fielding online dating messages soliciting everything from sexts to outright blowjobs at 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning. They aren’t going on literally countless first dates that lead to absolutely nothing (except a bar tab, of course). And they certainly aren’t living a life where the first thing everyone short of their podiatrist wants to know is, “so, are you seeing anybodyyyyyy?” (My podiatrist actually asked me this.)

Before you form an epic opinion touting the benefits of living somewhere else and leaving the city I’ve chosen to build my life and connections in, know that my response is simply this: No. I don’t want to leave my home, and I will not have a roommate at the age of 36. I’m not asking to live in a luxury penthouse with a live-in manicurist here, I just want an average, functioning place, and I don’t think I’m asking too much. Say what you want about my city, but when a woman with a six-figure salary cannot afford an apartment with uncracked walls, floors, windows, and respectable plumbing, but she could if she was in a relationship, shit’s fucked up. Yes, I have outsized law university loans, but that shouldn’t mean that my shoes have to live in the kitchen and my chest of drawers in the living room.

I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York. It’s at the top of four flights of stairs, and there is no lift. There is also no garbage disposal, ceiling fan, counter top, or more than one electrical outlet per room. What passes for linoleum in the kitchen is cracked open enough to feel a draft from below, and the shower cannot be used if anyone else in the building also fancies getting clean at that moment. The toilet flushes properly, on occasion. There is no semblance of security, and my refrigerator was made when Clinton was in office. I pay almost £1,500 per month for this space, and to be quite honest, I got a good deal. If I was splitting the rent with someone, I’d be paying what it’s worth. I’d also be having sex.

The internet provides endless ways to build an audience. Social media is a great way to start, and it’s not just Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Michal Eisikowitz recently built an impressive copywriting agency by posting writing tips on LinkedIn. Of course, the best strategy is still to build an email list, something I’m currently pursuing.My partnered and married friends didn’t have to move to find happiness or real estate, so why should I? Why should a single woman have to uproot herself and leave her friends and professional connections in order to live in a dwelling that wouldn’t be made better with a stick of dynamite? If it sounds childish to call this situation unfair, pass me the crayons because this is me all day.Nevertheless, if you’re under the age of 25, you’re especially lucky. Learn from my regrets, then take advantage of these opportunities. You’ll end up in a better place financially in the long run, and I guarantee you’ll be grateful for it.